4 Corners — A Recognized Green Leader
4 Corners Deposition Summaries is a recognized green leader and certified by the Green Business Bureau. We care about the environment and our industry’s impact on it. That’s why we have implemented new policies such as digitizing our ENTIRE office for 2017! No more paper files! Not only have we also gone paperless with bills, but our invoicing and payroll have also gone paperless with electronic payments and direct deposits to all employees and contractors.
But our favorite part: Through apps, we discovered that we can conveniently access our entire office files on iPads, tablets or smartphones, which minimizes or ELIMINATES our need to drive to the office — creating more remote days and less commuting! Yay!!!
Have you heard of paperless timesheets? Yes there are apps for these as well that are way better/more accurate than the old fashion paper way! Please think of using them.
In a legal industry that is full of paper, our goal is to spread the word to law firms and attorneys about doing the same and hopefully convincing you that by doing so, you will realize how much easier your work days will become; how much time you can “buy for cheap;” and when you realize this is an awesome move, you will convince your colleagues as well. Carry that iPad — no lugging around roller brief cases and boxes. Let’s start this chain reaction, make a difference, and Go Green today!
Click on the green icon to keep up with our Green initiatives and join in:

Sheila LaCivita, President/CEO
4 Corners Deposition Summaries
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