4 Corners Deposition Summaries is pleased to announce that we are going greener not only by digitizing the entire office, but by going paperless and continuing to find ways to go digital. Here are seven ways your office can go green:
We’re already pretty Green, but improving!
1. 4 Corners currently uses Electronic transfer of files to clients, workers – email and Dropbox
o Electronic storage of files
o No utilization of paper storage companies
o Paperless invoicing
o Telecommuting Wednesdays
2. Pay Electronically
o Customers can pay electronically directly from our invoices
o We pay bills electronically
o Less printing
o Less paper
o Less postage
3. Paperless Office
o Decreasing office space and the need to come in
o Less filing drawers full of paper
o Moving to cloud collaboration
o Less printing
o Buying less paper/envelopes
4. Saving energy
o Unplugging
o Shutting down equipment like printers
o Turning off Power Bars
5. Less Commuting
o Increasing Telecommuting Days
o Less travel, gas, energy used, cut in half
o Less time spent in office = less energy used.
6. Paperless Payroll *NEW*
o Direct Deposit not only for in-house employees, but also for outside subcontractors
o This will save on tons of office filing drawers full of paper
o Decreasing office space / allowing for more telecommuting
o Less printing
o Less paper
o Less postage
o Less travel and gas for package delivery
7. Apps for Timesheets
o No more timesheet file
o Less paper
8. Water Conservation
o Anything we don’t drink gets thrown in our plants including coffee!
We realize that we cannot do it alone, but together we can make a difference!
By: Sheila LaCivita
President, 4 Corners Deposition Summaries

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