Switching to a remote office can be challenging. We are here to help! Join us today as we share more tips on how to make that process easier.

Are you an attorneys that just recently realized “I can work remotely! I don’t need all of that office space, it’s a waste of money”. I know, we were there! Hi, I’m Sheila LaCivita, President of 4 CORNERS Deposition Summaries, and we did the same thing! We are 95% remote workers and we implemented this years ago when we realized hardly anyone is coming into the office to have meetings but we do still have that space and the state of the art conference rooms. If you’ve ever been to our office it’s very impressive, we have all the amenities, we get our mail there, and we pay a fraction of what most firms pay for an entire suite or building. So that’s our tip this week! Please check out my video of last week; we gave out some tips on some apps for remote working, and stay tuned for the next video! We will be talking about how trial lawyers can save time and money while they prepare for trial.

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This week is #NationalEmergencyMedicalServicesWeek.
We can not thank you enough, #healthheroes, for all you do.…