Attorney Humberto Guizar talks about the importance of having his police audio files transcribed. Great attorney with great advice!

In police shooting death cases, and other types of police interaction cases, there are large amounts of audio statements that are obtained by the investigating agencies. Sometimes they do transcribe them, but when they do transcribe them, they don’t put all of the information in there and you rely on that. So you should always have that transcribed separately. You get those statements transcribed to see things that might have not been provided in the other transcripts. It’s a no-brainier for me to have 4 CORNERS do my audio transcriptions because it makes me a better lawyer and it provides for me the opportunity to do better for my clients. And when I’m at trial, and I have those summaries, they’re really helpful for me. You should always have somebody do your depo summaries. 4 CORNERS does a really good job, they’re spectacular, and i highly recommend them.

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