Today we discuss the many ways you will benefit from outsourcing to us! Recovering costs of deposition summaries, saving on office space, and more; 4 CORNERS helps you save money while you prepare for trial!

Are you a trial lawyer that likes to save time and money while you prepare for trial? Hi, I’m Sheila LaCivita, owner of 4 CORNERS Deposition Summaries, and I’ve been working for trial lawyers for over 20 years. I have figured out what is the most time-consuming, tedious task. I’ve built a company that can take all that stress away from the trial lawyers. So I’m going to share today with you how we are saving our clients time and money while they go out and fight for justice. We have two types of clients; we have the contingency lawyers, and we have the lawyers that bill hourly. So I’ll start with contingency and the contingency lawyers are recovering the costs of deposition summary preparation and discovery preparation from the client, or they’re recovering it from the courts. So that’s two ways that you get those costs back. For our hourly clients they are using us as contract paralegals and attorneys so they bill us out as paralegals and not only are we saving them money, but we are a profit center for them, so it is more than a win-win situation! We are like contract attorneys and paralegals; we have our CLE, we are all in the United States, we’re top-notch workers, and we are like your employees without being employees and without all the employment related costs and expenses that come with employees. Contingency lawyers, hourly, when you hire employees you are paying those employment related taxes that you’re not paying with us including benefits, health insurance, 401(k), the cost of work comp, I can go on and on, vacation, parking, sick pay, we don’t call in sick ever, and office space we do not take any square footage. There you have it! That’s how we’re saving lawyers time and money. So if you are a lawyer that wants to save money, we would love to have a conversation with you! We would love to help you the way we help our clients. So give us a call, and we will see you in the next video.

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