Hello legal world! Join us on Wednesdays as we share money saving tips, discuss the history of our company, and show how 4 CORNERS can help you while you prepare for trial!

Hello legal world! What if I told you that law firms, attorneys, paralegals, legal staff, can take their most time-consuming, most stressful, tedious task and outsource that to a company that will take all of that stress away from them? What if I told you that company is a more cost-efficient and time saving solution? Hi, I’m Sheila LaCivita, owner of 4 CORNERS Deposition Summaries, and I get it! I have worked for trial lawyers for over 20 years, and I’ve been through that stress. I’ve figured out what was that most time-consuming, tedious task, and I’ve created a company that helps take that stress away from lawyers. We’re so excited; this is our first video of talking about exactly why we’re here! So stay tuned… I’m going to tell you in the coming weeks exactly how you can save time and money while you prepare for trial.

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This week is #NationalEmergencyMedicalServicesWeek.
We can not thank you enough, #healthheroes, for all you do.…