Audio/Video Transcriptions

Attorneys use audio in litigation for various reasons. Sometimes they are played during deposition or at trial. To be able to find certain audio clips, it is best to have a transcription handy for quick reference.

Not only does 4 Corners Deposition Summaries summarize depositions for attorneys and prepare discovery, but we also provide a full range of discovery services, including transcribing audio files. Our transcriptionist can capture (to the best of the audible ability depending on quality of recordings), accurately what is being said on the audio or video and provide a page/line transcript. Upon request, we can also summarize the audio transcripts.

Audio files in any litigation can be an important piece of evidence in a case. Some of the different types of audios that 4 Corners Deposition Summaries transcribes for its clients include but is not limited to the following:

  • DMEs (Defense Medical Exams). It is particularly useful for both Plaintiffs and Defendants to have these recorded.
  • Interviews (Insurance companies; telephonic)
  • Statements (Witness statements)
  • Dictations (transcribing anything the attorneys or paralegals dictate from letters, to summaries, outlines, etc.)
  • Police (witnesses, interviews, body cam videos)
  • Investigator Interviews (private investigator interviews)
  • Videos
  • Recorded abuse (in pubic, restraining order or family law, child custody, abusive relationship and civil cases)

For defense medical exams, it is wise to have someone there to record the audio. Clients of 4 Corners Deposition Summaries then sends the audios to us, and we transcribe them into a page/line transcript within 5 business days or less. We also offer expedite service.

Police audios should always be transcribed. Sure, you can request a transcript from the police department, but sometimes, as we have been told by our clients, not all of the information will be there due to the bias. 4 Corners will transcribe police interviews, including interviews of police officers, 911 calls, and body cam videos. Civil rights attorneys, such as police brutality law firms have trusted 4 Corners Deposition Summaries in the preparation of police audios for years.

Some attorneys still dictate letters, memos or pleadings. 4 Corners Deposition Summaries provides an easy way for attorneys to upload their dictations to us. We then transcribe and turn it around within the specified deadline.

Investigator interviews are almost always recorded. 4 Corners has transcribed thousands of investigation interviews of witnesses, police officers, employees, etc.

For more information on our transcription services, please feel free to call us at 888-460-7444.


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