Would you like to join the 4 CORNERS team? We are currently recruiting and would love to have you! Please send your resume to recruiting@4cornersdepo.com

4 CORNERS Deposition Summaries is a company that saves lawyers time and money while they prepare for trial. We are a nation-wide service that will summarize depositions, prepare discovery, and provide many other legal tasks at a competitive price. We have been servicing some of the top attorneys in the nation for over 11 years and have the best of the best on our legal team. Legal professionals with years of experience, our team provides top-notch quality work with outstanding client service. If you would like to be part of the 4 CORNERS team, we are currently recruiting and would love to have you! Develop your skills, expand your experience, and help attorneys around the nation get better prepared for trial. Please send your resume to recruiting@4cornersdepo.com. Thank you! We look forward to having you on our legal team!

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This week is #NationalEmergencyMedicalServicesWeek.
We can not thank you enough, #healthheroes, for all you do.…