Today we discuss the benefits of outsourcing your deposition summaries.
Some attorneys wonder about outsourcing v.s. hiring employees. When you outsource legal tasks, which has become the trend lately especially during this pandemic, I’m going to tell you how we are saving our clients time and money. Law firms save money on employment related expenses such as payroll taxes, HR administration, work comp, benefits, sick pay, competitive salaries, overtime, office space, equipment and parking, not to mention the risks of work space injuries and wrongful termination lawsuits. When attorneys outsource to 4 CORNERS it is like having a team of employees without being “employees” at their fingertips on an as needed basis, day or night, weekends, no overtime pay, and this team never calls in sick, and we are exempt from the California AB5 law because we are a corporation and not individuals. So contractors, when you have employees, your not recouping those costs back, and when you send the work to 4 CORNERS you can recoup those costs back from clients or defendants by court order. And the hourly attorneys are billing us out as contract attorneys and paralegals and using us as a profit center! Attorneys, especially contingency lawyers, should outsource every bit of the litigation work so that they can have a chance to recover those costs.
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