Join us as we explain what our deposition summaries are and the many ways they will help you prepare for trial.

Hello and happy Wednesday! Hi, I’m Sheila LaCivita, President of 4 CORNERS Deposition Summaries. Thank you for following and watching our videos. We come out with a video every week on Wednesday about what we do and giving tips to the trial lawyer on how to save time and money while you prepare for trial. A lot of times we are asked: “What is a deposition summary?” So I’m going to share today why we summarize depositions and how 4 CORNERS summarizes depositions for their clients. We have a top-notch team of legal professionals that will read your depositions and capture the most pertinent, relevant facts, and summarize it in a clear, concise format with page line numbers, descriptive topic headers, and a table of contents with hyperlinks. Attorneys use these to prepare for depositions, motions for summary judgement, and to prepare for trial. It’s a good way to cross reference witness statements, what they say, and look for inconsistencies. So stay tuned; we’re going to have more tips. If you have any questions give ma a call. We look forward to working with you!

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