Today we share how we summarize depos and why it is important to hire a legal professional.

When you have someone summarize your deposition please make sure they are legal professional. I have heard from a lot of people that anyone can summarize a deposition and let me tell you after ten years of running 4 CORNERS Deposition Summaries that is not true. We only hire legal professionals, paralegals, and attorneys, with experience because those are the only ones that know how to capture the most important, pertinent facts such as dates and timing of events. When we summarize we capture accurate page line numbers because we know that’s important as well, and we stick to the words of the deponent without putting a spin on it, without putting our own inferences or words or comments even. The one important thing though when we summarize an expert depo is we include the question at the end: “Have you given all of your opinions?” because we all know they might be doing a lot of their work after the deposition and you want to get them to say: “Yes, I’ve giving all of my opinions.” so they don’t come to trial with something else. And by the way, the non-legal professional always misses that question. So there you have it! That’s how we summarize dispositions. I’m Sheila LaCivita, President of 4 CORNERS Deposition Summaries, and stay tuned; we will have more tips for you.

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