4 CORNERS Deposition Summaries is managed by a team of experienced paralegals and attorneys who understand the importance of your litigation from beginning to end, having the ability to recognize key testimony based on causes of action which is why summarizing depositions has become our specialty. Through litigation experience, we are dedicated to taking special care of every detail in your trial preparation and deposition summaries.

Deposition Summaries

♦ Accurately capturing testimony with no spin
♦ Hyperlinked Table of Contents
♦ Hyperlinked summary passages to exact transcript page
♦ Ratio: 10-15 transcript pages to 1 page
♦ Choose your format
♦ 5 business days or less turnaround
♦ Outlines of specific topics upon request
♦ Topics relating to causes of action
♦ Expedited Service 3 days, including weekends
♦ Standard 2 column with Headers and TOC with hyperlinks
♦ 3 column table option sortable by topic with hyperlinks
♦ Ability to handle large volume jobs (tens of thousands of pages)
♦ CaseMap / TextMap expertise
♦ Email, DropBox, or other file transfer deliveries upon completion


♦ Preparation of:
♦ Notices of Depositions
♦ Subpoenas
♦ Contention Discovery
♦ Special Interrogatories
♦ Form Interrogatories
♦ Requests for Admissions
♦ Requests for Production of Documents
♦ Supplemental Interrogatory

Deposition/Court Reporting

♦ We can take care of your scheduling needs for:
♦ Court reporting services
♦ Legal Videography
♦ Technology Solutions
♦ Box eDepository
♦ Translators
♦ And much more. Please call us at 888-460-7444 to schedule your next deposition or deposition summary.

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