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4 Corners Deposition Summaries was founded in 2009 by a certified paralegal with the advice of their corporate litigation/business/real estate attorney. Based in southern California, 4 CORNERS has the expertise in providing top quality attorney work product to litigation attorneys and paralegals in all areas of law.

Our focus on quality has come from our founder’s high standards for work ethics from 20 years of litigation and experience. Knowing the importance of your trial preparation, it has been our mission to recruit only the best top-notched legal professionals to join the 4 CORNERS team and to keep up with the latest technology. Our legal professionals have been tested, trained and quality checked over and over again.

4 CORNERS has a proven track record of providing quality deposition summaries to many top firms nationwide including in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Northern California areas, having summarized hundreds of thousands of deposition pages for some of the top firms in CAALA, CAOC, OCTLA, and others.

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