Are you a busy trial attorney or litigation paralegal with lots of transcripts to summarize? Do you have lots of discovery to respond to? Do you need a top notch team that can take all of that stress away from you but have no time to hire new employees?
Welcome to 4 Corners Deposition Summaries!
We are a team of experienced legal professionals in the United States that can save you time and money while you prepare for trial. We are the best deposition summary service in the nation and guarantee top quality work product. We summarize for hundreds of law firms nationwide and would love to summarize for you as well.
Why Use Us?
♦ We are experienced paralegal/attorney summarizers (no offshore outsourcing).
♦ Many years of trial-prep experience.
♦ Over 10 years in business.
♦ 24/7 availability.
♦ Ability to handle large volume work (thousands of pages at a time).
♦ Convenience.
♦ Competitive pricing.
♦ High quality, friendly, reliable service.
♦ Secured servers that are HIPPA compliant.
♦ Conflict checks.
♦ Expertise in summarizing in a clear, concise format, focusing on key issues/facts.
♦ Precise page/line format with topic headers.
♦ Ability to adapt to your preferred format.
♦ Secure electronic deliveries.
♦ Optional DropBox file transfers (safe and never overloading your e-mail space).
♦ Nationwide summarizing.
♦ Superior customer service.
♦ Free up hours and days of employees’ time; avoid employee overtime expense.
♦ Save on all employment related costs by outsourcing (health insurance, benefits, 401K, work comp insurance, parking, office space square footage).
♦ Confidence. Files are kept safe and confidential.
One GREAT way to save time and money is to outsource your deposition transcripts. It can be the most time consuming, tedious task, and by outsourcing you can save on all employment related expenses. to the best deposition summary service in Los Angeles, Orange County and nationwide: 4 Corners Deposition Summaries, Inc.
Please call us to find out why outsourcing your transcripts is a more cost efficient, time saving solution than having it done by your in-house employees.
The value we provide will exceed the amount you will pay, especially if you are working overtime to summarize depositions. Legal staff can spend too much time summarizing depositions and often times working overtime to get these tasks done. We can save you hours and days of work. We have a faster and more cost efficient solution. Need something faster and easier? Contact us today and we can discuss with you how we can be of service to you regarding your deposition summary needs.


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